Wired to Win, surviving tour de France

Premier tournage en Imax !! Régisseur général d’une équipe Franco-hispano-américaine de 80 personnes et près de 300 figurants

“It’s like riding a bike. You don’t forget” Have you ever said that and wondered if it was true? It is. When you learn a new skill such as riding a bike, your brain rewires itself to make it a permanent part of your brain. How can you forget something that is hardwired? This movie seamlessly transitions from beautiful, compelling, and sometimes scary scenes of France through the lens of The Tour de France to hard science on how our brain works. When I say that that everyone can enjoy this movie, I can back it up. Around me sat families with children as young as 9 and a Neurologist who “hopefully” already knew all the science involved. All of us walked away saying “Wow!”

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